Sprint customers will get 6 months of Tidal for free


Sprint’s 33% stake in Tidal was bound to come with some exclusive perks, and now we’re getting the first of them. The company has announced that their customers will get a free 6-month subscription to the Jay-Z-backed music service.

Tidal’s music service is a fairly new competitor that doesn’t exactly look to change the game up, but they do have one standout feature: hi-fidelity music at all times. Most music services will offer their tracks at lower or variable bitrates which are often acceptable enough for most people, but audiophiles will take the highest they can get, and that’s the Tidal guarantee. Tidal also offers a number of exclusive tracks and videos, such as music from Beyonce, De La Soul and Ariana Grande.

Free access begins for both existing and new customers on June 9th, after which you can track $9.99 onto your monthly Sprint bill to keep the tunes going.

[via Sprint]

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