Facebook may be working on story posts for their main social network


Stories are the new rave, with folks like Twitter and Instagram taking after Snapchat’s cue and letting people group multiple content into one bite-sized view. Facebook partially joined in on the fun in recent times, too, with Messenger Stories.

But now it seems they could be working on something for the entirety of their social network. A new patent shows the company may be working on story posts.

The feature would prompt you to create a story if it notices a series of posts related to the same thing. You can go ahead and let it post those updates as a single story, which would appear in timelines as a carousel of text, video, and photo posts not unlike photo albums are currently presented.

They’d also give you the option of creating your own story with your own items, so you can tell it the way you want to. And if you have any friends tagged, they can even add posts of their own, useful for times where a friend may have a photo of a moment that you do not.

There’s no telling when or if we’ll ever see this feature, as patents don’t always guarantee a product will spawn based on the idea. But we can’t imagine Facebook wouldn’t be looking to adopt stories for their big kahuna after already bringing it to 2 of their other platforms. Let’s wait it out.

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