T-Mobile fees are going up if you’re not on T-Mobile ONE


T-Mobile is announcing a slight fee hike for those not on T-Mobile ONE. The company will raise the Regulatory Programs and Telco Recovery Fee from $2.71 to $3.18 on voice lines. Data lines go from $.98 to $1.16.

These are T-Mobile-imposed fees which they say go toward helping them pay for things like regulatory compliance to support things like E911 and number portability, as well as general fees that must be paid to other carriers and network services to ensure the delivery of calls to those outside the T-Mobile network.

The reason these changes won’t affect T-Mobile One customers is because that plan has a perk that includes extra fees into a flat rate, so the price you see advertised is what you’ll pay. Technically, T-Mobile ONE customers are likely still paying these fees, it’s just masked.

One last note: those who came to T-Mobile as part of the SunCom Wireless acquisition didn’t have to pay these fees before, but they will now be charged this fee. The change takes place June 10th.

[via T-Mobile]

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