First Samsung Galaxy S8 Active photo leaks without hardware navigation keys


The first true leak for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active didn’t come from a stuffy factory in Taiwan or from the lens of a random Weibo user’s smartphone camera. Instead, it comes from the Wireless Power Consortium, the organization that was made to develop the Qi wireless charging standard.

A frontal shot of the device shows us a design that does portray something sturdier than what we got on the other Galaxy S8 models. It isn’t using an Infinity Display, but it does seem Samsung will try and adopt an 18:9 design similar to the one that LG used for the LG G6.

Oh, and this just might be the first Galaxy S8 Active phone without hardware buttons for home, back, and recent apps. There are no such buttons on the front, and unless they’re on the back then we’re betting they’ll just include them as software buttons.

That may not be good news for everyone as the draw of the Galaxy S8 Active for those in rough environments meant being able to perform several of its functions while using gloves. Seems you’ll now need a pair of those capacitive touch gloves if you want to do anything meaningful with it.

Of course, Samsung also has the Bixby button here, so maybe their goal is to make Bixby so good that you don’t need to touch anything but that in order to navigate the system. If that’s the case, well, their noise cancellation microphones better be top notch for the noisy environments this phone is bound to end up in.

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