Google Assistant will soon let you send money to others in record time


It seems like no matter how easy apps like Venmo or Google Wallet allow you to send money to others, it always feels like a hassle. First you have to open the app, login, type out the email address of the recipient, and then send them the money. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can just send money to someone simply by talking to your phone?

As part of a number of a number of new features headed to Google Assistant, you’ll soon be able to send someone money using nothing but your voice. Once the feature goes live, you’ll only have to say something like, “OK Google, send $10 Billy for pizza,” and watch as Assistant verifies your identity with a fingerprint, then sends the money. Assistant will use whichever debit card you have linked to your Google account, so there’s no fiddling around inside any app or any of that nonsense.

Google announced the feature during Google IO 2017 and is part of their plan to add more payment features inside of Android. Google says the feature will be available in the coming months providing you live in the US. For more, including info on the new Google Payment API, hit up the Android Developer Blog post linked below.

[Android Developers]

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