Newly leaked OnePlus 5 photos show new design, missing headphone jack has us worried


There have been plenty of “leaked” OnePlus 5 designs floating around the internet the past few months. The most recent was a photo of a prototype showing a dual-camera setup but sharing mostly the same body as the OnePlus 3/3T. Nothing too terribly exciting, but the accompanying info mentioned this wasn’t the final design and that the actual finished product would look much different.

Fast forward to today where new images of the phone have been making the rounds on Chinese social media. Sure enough, the design is different from the previous leak thanks to a slightly more round all-metal body, and non-existent antenna lines for a cleaner, more minimal look. You’ll also notice the dual camera housing on the back has been tweaked as well, putting an LED flash right smack in between the two lenses.

It’s the bottom of the phone that has me the most worried where you’ll quickly notice the absence of a headphone jack. Both the OnePlus 3 and 3T had a headphone jack on the bottom, although it’s certainly possible OnePlus moved it up to the top of the device for this new model. We’ll keep our fingers crossed they didn’t go the iPhone 7/Moto Z/HTC U11 route of removing it altogether.

OnePlus recently announced that they’ll be working with DxOMark to fine tune the 5’s camera, using their feedback to ensure the phone’s camera can hold its own. Current rumors suggest this could be the most expensive OnePlus phone yet, pricing it up there with normal flagships from rival OEMs.

OnePlus has built a reputation of building extremely high-end smartphones with better specs — and more reasonable pricing — than the competition, but take that away and what do you have? Guess we’ll find out soon enough. We’re nearing the OnePlus 3’s anniversary and we imagine OnePlus will be revealing everything soon enough.

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