Alleged OnePlus 5 Antutu benchmark corroborates Snapdragon 835, 6GB RAM expectations


The OnePlus 5’s makeup seems to be getting clearer. Even with a number of conflicting reports, benchmarks, and shady retail listings, they all seem to think OnePlus is definitely cooking up a Snapdragon 835 device with 6GB of RAM.

One could probably come to that conclusion on their own just based on the old adage of history repeating itself, what with OnePlus typically opting for the latest in Snapdragon and pushing the RAM higher than most mainstream OEMs are willing to.

The latest numbers come out of Antutu, and the benchmark result seems to suggest all of that plus a 5.5-inch Full HD display, as well as a 16MP camera for both the front and rear. This is in contrast to previous murmurings of a lone 23MP shooter or even dual cameras as seen in early renders.

Truth be told, we’re not exactly sure what to believe right now. A lot of these “leaks” originate from loosely-translated Weibo posts out of China. Some of them may be concept renders and specs dreamt up by fans of the company for all we know. We’ve seen that mixup quite a few times before.

But if we know OnePlus, we know that they’ll be encroaching the lines of what a flagship device should be in 2017 without having to ask for too much moolah from your wallets. More is bound to be known in the weeks to come as even OnePlus is starting to talk about the thing.

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