A new leak reveals Motorola and Lenovo’s plans for 2017


In recent weeks, we have seen a boatload of leaks regarding Motorola and Lenovo’s plans for the Moto Z2 lineup. Even more recently, we have learned more about the resurgence of the Moto X branding, as it will be called the Moto X4 and will be nestled in the mid-range market.


However, it seems that there is much more in the works from Motorola, as a new leak reveal the company’s 2017 plans for its entire smartphone lineup. The leak gives us a look at the Moto Z lineup, which will be compatible with Moto Mods, then the recently leaked Moto X4 smartphone.

It seems that this list doesn’t include any information regarding the successor to the Moto G5 lineup, as the Moto G5 and G5 Plus are listed here. Rounding out the pack we see information regarding the Moto E and Moto C budget options.

Motorola is definitely struggling to keep its devices under wraps, and this just further confirms that we are nearing the launch of the Moto Z2 lineup, as well as the Moto X4. Let us know in the comments what you think about this list and if you’re excited to see what Motorola and Lenovo have been cooking up.


The ‘Moto X 2017’ will actually be called the ‘Moto X4’

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