LG refutes claims that they will be manufacturing the Pixel 3


Despite the Pixel 2 not even being announced yet, a new report claims that Google is looking to LG to produce the Pixel 3. These devices are expected to follow the same schedule as its predecessors and launch in the 2nd half of 2018. However, it seems that this may be nothing more than speculation as Android Authority reached out to LG about the matter, only to have the company shut the rumors down.

We really wouldn’t expect LG to come out and say “yeah, we’ll be making the 2018 Pixel”, so this doesn’t come as a surprise. Something else that isn’t surprising is the fact that Google is looking elsewhere to produce its future smartphones.

The big G saw around 5 million Pixel and Pixel XL handsets shipped so far, but believes this number could have been higher. But with Google and HTC running into early supply constraints, this hindered the device from being more readily available.

In addition to manufacturing the Pixel 3, the report claims that Google has reached out to LG with an offer to manufacture OLED displays. These displays would be used with the Pixel 2, but would also help LG combat against Samsung’s 95% mobile OLED market share.

Considering the fact that LG and Google have history when it comes to phones, do you think this would be a good move? Let us know in the comments.

[The Investor]


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