Huawei P10 charger went up in flames after only 2 uses


The Huawei P10 has already had its fair share of drama. Huawei is under fire for using different flash storage, but now they have a literal fire on their hands. Apparently, a faulty P10 charger nearly burnt a house down in China.

As you can see from the pictures, the charger has been burnt to a crisp. The user claims this happened on only the second charge. He noticed the charger was starting to smoke after charging for a while. It damaged the outlet and stained the wall with smoke.

To make matters worse, Huawei declined to write a report that absolved him from fault. Huawei is trying to avoid responsibility, despite the fact that no faults were found in the wiring of the 6-year old home. With everything that happened with Samsung last year, it’s no surprise Huawei is trying to avoid this problem. They have yet to release a statement on the situation.

[via GizmoChina]

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