Samsung Chromebook Pro delay hits Android runtime status remains unclear


It looks like the Samsung Chromebook Pro has been delayed, folks. After a planned launch in April, the device is now slated for “later this Spring.”

The Samsung Chromebook Pro is the company’s top-tier Chromebook model, and the one that was supposed to best champion Chrome OS’s new capabilities. The biggest of those capabilities is its ability to run Android apps, a feature that’s currently in beta and was supposed to launch alongside it.

The Verge is reporting that stable rollout is also being delayed until further notice, so while there are a lot of folks who can enjoy the feature right now, it’s still not fully polished

There’s no suggested reason for the delay, however it sounds like our fears of an eventual cancellation (something we’ve just grown accustomed to in Google’s world) should be put to rest. But if we hit summer without hearing about any sort of launch, then we’ll be worried.

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