May 1st, 2017

Verizon has had to delay the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier with LTE, the company has confirmed. It was originally expected to be offered alongside the Galaxy S8, however it seems the company has hit some sort of snag along the way.

A reason for the delay wasn’t offered but we know that the new target is now by the end of Q2, which means it could be as far out as late June before we see it. That’s a pretty long wait for something that was supposed to be the companion to the biggest smartphone launch of the year.

This leaves the Samsung Gear S2 as the only connected Samsung smartwatch on Verizon’s roster for now, so if you or your loved ones are shopping for a smartwatch make sure you’re mindful that whatever Verizon recommends may not be the latest available hardware. Knowing that, check out their current selection here if you can’t wait for the Gear S3.

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