Use Google Home in the kitchen to walk you through 50 million recipes


Google Home is getting some awesome new functionality this week. You can now use it to help keep you on task when you’re in the kitchen whipping up a recipe.


The way it works is simple. On your phone, simply find a recipe using the Google Assistant — there are over 50 million of them that Google could bring up — and have the assistant shoot it over to your Google Home.

Once you’ve gotten all your ingredients situated, you can have Google Home take you from step 1 all the way through to the goodness that is the end result. You can have her repeat steps if you need a quick reminder.

You can also continue to do other things on your Google Home while you’re cooking, so you could start the recipe, ask Google Home to send a message, start your favorite song, and then seamlessly ask it “what’s the next step?” to continue cooking.

It’s rolling out over the course of the week so be sure to give it a whirl for your next big dinner this weekend.

[via Google]

Quentyn Kennemer
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