Here’s a better look at the Moto Power Pack Moto Mod


We already have a pretty good idea that the Moto Z2 will keep a similar design to the original Moto Z while taking advantage of Moto Mods. Earlier this week, a video leaked which showed off an array of unreleased Moto Mods, which are hopefully in development.

One Moto Mod that we do know has been in the works is the official Moto Power Pack Moto Mod. This was originally shown off at MWC 2017 but has been delayed for various reasons. That hasn’t stopped images of the upcoming Moto Mod.

That hasn’t stopped images of the upcoming Moto Mod from leaking out, as +hellomotoHK on Google+ has given us a look. The back of the Moto Mod looks fairly boring, other than the camera cutout and Motorola logo.

On the other side of the Power Pack, you can see the “moto” branding, along with the connection pins at the bottom. Additionally, there is a power indicator with a few LED lights to inform you of how much battery is left.

Let us know in the comments below whether you would pick one of these up once it’s finally available.


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