Bixby Vision’s Amazon integration isn’t working on Verizon’s Galaxy S8


Verizon Galaxy S8 customers who were hoping to get the most out of Bixby will have a pretty rough go at it. We know by now that Bixby Voice is currently unavailable, and now Verizon users are even getting a neutered version of Bixby Vision.


The company confirmed that Bixby’s Amazon integration is currently unavailable. We’re not sure if this is due to a bug or just Verizon things, but the good news is it shouldn’t be that way for long as Verizon and Amazon have confirmed the missing functionality.

Amazon’s part in all this is that their Firefly technology is the power behind Bixby’s ability to snap a photo of a product and be taken to its product page at the retailer’s website. As such, the best workaround for this is to simply use Amazon’s app if you’re after that particular bit of functionality.

Most of Bixby Vision’s other features — such as its ability to identify landmarks and places — should still be intact. We’ll let you know when and if Verizon ever gets around to fixing it.

[via CNet]

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