The QWERTY keyboard Moto Mod sees its first manufactured prototype


With Motorola and Lenovo seemingly sticking with their idea for Moto Mods, it’s cool to see what Mods are being developed, as well as the status of those ideas. One of which was already covered here on Phandroid, which adds a slide-out QWERTY keyboard to your Moto Z device.

This Keyboard Moto Mod from Livermorium launched on Indiegogo last month, but we are now getting a look at the working prototype. The company will be heading to Chicago in the coming days to show off the new Moto Mod and has shared images of the working prototype.

Other than adding a physical keyboard to your Moto Z, this new Moto Mod offers a bit of flexibility as it can tilt between 0 and 45 degrees. Additionally, if for some reason you want it to lay flat, you’ll still be able to type to your heart’s content.

The developers have stressed multiple times that this is nothing more than a prototype and not the final product. They also plan to incorporate features such as LED lighting, connection lighting, and a battery indicator onto the Moto Mod.

However, the mod is still a bit short of its goal as it’s currently sitting at a little over $48K. This is still shy of its $100,000 goal which needs to be reached in 14 days. So that gives us 2 weeks to get together as a community and help this project become a reality.

Hit the link below and help support the Keyboard Mod for the Moto Z lineup and let us know whether you’ll be doing so.

Support Keyboard Mod On Indiegogo


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