This upcoming Moto Mod adds a QWERTY keyboard to your Moto Z [VIDEO]


Recently, we’ve been taking a look at more upcoming Moto Mods that will be coming to the Moto Z lineup. We’ve seen some interesting ones which add walkie-talkie capabilities, while others add shortcuts while showing notifications without turning your phone on.

The latest Moto Mod that we’ve found adds a physical QWERTY keyboard to your Moto Z, while keeping a low-profile. This upcoming Moto Mod from Livermorium is currently in the funding phase, as you can now support it on IndieGogo. On the listing page, you can see everything about the Moto Mod and the company, including where the planning process began, as well as the list of employees working on the keyboard.

The Livermorium Keyboard adds a 5-row QWERTY keyboard which attaches to your Moto Z like every other Moto Mod, while being able to slide out and give you access to a hardware keyboard. On top of that, you can slide the keyboard out and angle the display in various angles between 0-45 degrees. This will allow you to type at your own pace, and at the most comfortable angle for you.

To me, this keyboard reminds me of what was found on the LG Envy3 “basic phone”, but that’s just my nostalgia bone talking. The keyboard features a number row at the top, while providing easy access to navigation keys, as well as other keys such as Caps Lock, Shift, and more.

Livermorium is planning on releasing 3 different colors: Black, White, and Gold. However, the company is also planning to release a Special Edition variant which will only be available through the IndieGogo campaign, and won’t be released afterwards.

Livermorium has an uphill climb in regards of meeting its funding goal. At the time of this writing, the Livermorium Keyboard campaign has raised more than $20,000, but that’s only 21% of the $100,000 “fixed” goal. Luckily, there’s about a month left in the campaign, so you can hit the link below and help support the project.

If you’re wondering about prices, Livermorium is offering $60 for the keyboard at the “Super Early Bird” level, and there is plenty of room left. If this Keyboard Mod reaches its goal, the retail price will be about $120, so you’ll be getting this keyboard for half the price. If you want to get the aforementioned Special Edition, that one will set you back $200, but you’ll be providing the team with a bit more dough to get the project completed.

Let us know if you’ll be backing the Livermorium Keyboard Moto Mod, or if you really don’t care about adding a hardware keyboard to your smartphone.

Support on IndieGogo


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