Apr 13th, 2017

Google Home gets more useful by the day, and its latest update helps the globetrotters out there. You can now ask Google Home to tell you the price of a flight by specifying your destination and travel dates.

After telling you the current price, Google Home will also offer to notify you when these prices fluctuate, a great feature since flight prices can change by the hour.

Unfortunately, that’s where it ends. It won’t be able to carry out a full flight booking for you, so if you want to go through that process you’ll need to defer to a browser, be it on mobile or a desktop computer. That’s not so much Google’s fault as it is a quirk of dealing with third-party booking.

Nonetheless, it’s nice to have an easy way to keep up on flight prices without having to check things yourself every hour on the hour. It should be in the latest version of Google Home so long as you’ve updated your app.

[via Google]

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