Google may be looking to add Drive backup support to Allo


Even though Allo has practically fallen off the face of the planet for most, Google continues to update the app with new features. The latest update bumps Allo up to version 9 and prepares for the addition of various features.

<string name=”restore_backup_body_backup_found”>”Looks like your chats have recently been backed up. To prevent losing previous chats, restore them now. If you don’t restore now you won’t be able to restore chats later.“</string>

According to the APK Teardown by 9to5Google, Allo is being prepared to support Google Drive or external storage backups. This was found after a popup message was found in the code which will activate when Allo has found a recent backup. Furthermore, according to the APK Teardown, the future update to Allo will also allow you to backup “images, video, and other content”.

Found in the teardown are also other features that have been mentioned within the code, which aren’t available yet. These include – Quick Selfie, Group incognito chats, and selfie-generated sticker packs.

The Quick Selfie feature was first mentioned a few weeks back, but Google has seemingly added a few more lines of code. This feature will allow you to quickly take a selfie using the camera icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

All of these features will likely be added at some point in the future, but we’ll have to wait to see when Google plans to implement them. Plus, we’d like to see Google either release an Allo web client or finally add SMS support.



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