You’ll want to buy a case for your Galaxy S8 after seeing this drop test


XeeTech on YouTube decided to take the Samsung Galaxy S8 and put it through a drop test. For giggles, he also put the iPhone 7 through the same test just to see how it stacks up to a major competitor.

The test consisted of 3 different drop angles: one from the back, one from the side, and one from the front. The results? If you can’t watch the video, the Galaxy S8 stood up to the rear and side angle tests just fine, but that exposed Edge display on the front was definitely vulnerable to impact, just as many had feared. This result is actually consistent through 2 separate tests, as TechRax’s similar test resulted in the same fate for the Galaxy S8.

So, if you were wanting to go naked, well, we guess that’s still your choice, but you’ll have to be very careful with it. That said, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to get a case onto the thing the moment you get it, a shame, too, since it’s so beautiful.

Luckily for you, you can already start shopping for cases before the phone is even in your hands. Amazon is already loaded with some great options, especially if you’re a fan of Spigen’s lineup. Be sure to take a long look at them and maybe even order one to make sure you have it ready for the day your Galaxy S8 arrives (which, for many, will be April 21st).

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