Motorola accidentally showed the Moto X (2017) in their new rap video, did you spot it?


The Moto X was one of the more beloved Android handsets back during a time when smartphone design was growing sort of stale. Being able to customize the look and storage of your smartphone was always a fun prospect, but the Moto X was never about raw hardware specs. Rather, the Moto X was Motorola’s way of focusing on meaningful innovation through the use of software features that looked to actually enhance the user experience, not get in the way of it.

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest rumors it seems Lenovo still has plans for the Moto X with an all new model for 2017. While it reportedly wont be the hardware performer as it was in year’s past, it could help fill out Lenovo’s Moto product portfolio nestling somewhere inside their premium/mid-range segment. We recently got a peek at a leaked product render out of China showing the device in gold, but in case you needed something a little more official, look no further than Motorola’s new rap video. Yes, you heard that right.

Celebrating 44 years in the mobile telecommunications business, Motorola put together a fun video showing off everything from the world’s first mobile cellphone — the Motorola DynaTAC — to the recently released Moto Z (my personal favorite Android device) and various Moto Mods. If you look carefully — right around the 2 second mark — you’ll get a brief glimpse of a blue colored Moto phone not yet released. This design lines up perfectly with leaked images of the alleged Moto X 2017 we’ve been seeing around the net, so it seems someone at Motorola may have included the phone on accident. Whoops.

Oh, and in case anyone thinks this might be the O2 exclusive blue Moto G5, here’s a quick comparison of the two:

[via YouTube]

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