Nokia confirms their new smartphones will launch in the US


To some companies, “global” launches can sometimes only refer to an intercontinental launch. If you only launch in 3 countries in Europe, 1 country in North America, and a few countries between South America and Asia, it can still technically be considered a global launch.

So Nokia’s assertion that their latest phones will be available on a global basis needed some clarification by some who were worried the US wouldn’t be included. When asked about their phones’ availability in the US, Nokia confirmed that “they” will indeed launch in North America, and also confirmed Taiwan for another concerned individual in that corner of the world.

Now the question is what “they” refers to. Which of the devices out of the Nokia 3, 5, and 6 are we getting? All of them? Is the nostalgia-packed Nokia 3310 included? What about that hot new flagship on the way? It’s easy to assume “they” is an all-encompassing term, but we’d prefer specifics, so we’ll be hitting you up again to find out if you don’t mind, Nokia.

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