Huawei is attempting to make its US entrance through AT&T


Huawei continues to turn heads for many of us in the tech blogosphere, but there’s a rather large problem — devices aren’t readily available. Late last year and into early 2017, Huawei has released some of its devices here in the States, but there may be some bigger plans. 

We’ve seen the launch of the Huawei 6X and Huawei Mate 9 through the likes of Amazon or Best Buy. Hell, we even saw Google partner with the company to manufacture the Nexus 6P, but the everyday person won’t know that. However, other devices (like the Huawei P10) won’t see the light of day for all of us.

A new report claims that things may change as Huawei is currently deliberating with AT&T on how to bring its devices to the States. The big problem seems to be regarding Huawei’s own HiSilicon Kirin processors after seeing previous claims of being connected to the Chinese government.

If these reports come to fruition, Huawei has plenty of wiggle room in the market, with the Sony becoming almost non-existent and HTC doing whatever they’re doing. In terms of flagships, there is definitely a hole to fill as OEMs attempt to take down the likes of Samsung and Apple.

We’ll definitely be keeping our ears close to the ground on this one. Plus, how can you look at the new P10 or P10 Plus and tell me you wouldn’t at least want to test it out?

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