Samsung might offer a 3-month refund period for the Galaxy S8


In a somewhat unprecedented move, The Investor reports Samsung is preparing to offer a 3-month unconditional return period for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. This means you’d be able to return the Galaxy S8 within 3 months of purchase for any reason you deem necessary.

Folks are lucky to get a month to return products these days, so for Samsung to extend such a generous offer is a big tell of… something. What? We’re not sure.

The report suggests it’s more of a marketing play than anything else. People are going to feel a whole lot more comfortable buying a phone that they can return in 3 months without any restrictions. And we’re sure that peace of mind is worth a lot now that Samsung’s reputation for quality assurance has been tarnished.

At the same time, it’s a signal of confidence by Samsung that they’ve found and identified their big issues once and for all, and that they’re placing a big bet on the steps they’ve taken to make sure the Galaxy S8 family doesn’t suffer similar fates. We’re going to call that a big win for consumers who decided to stick with Samsung through it all. Let’s find out if it’s true next Wednesday.

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