Google Maps rolls out real-time location sharing, officially makes “Where are you?” obsolete


Once thought of as kind of creepy (it still might be for some folks), real-time location tracking is one of those things that certainly has its uses in modern times. Whether you want to keep track of guests as they arrive at your place, engaging in sketchy Craigslist meetups, Tinder hookups, whatever — sometimes it’s just nice to know where someone is without having to ping them every step of the way.

Google is finally making this possible in the one app it should have been available all along: Google Maps. In a new update rolling out on Android and iOS, Maps users will be able to share their location with friends or family, allowing these people to track them in real-time. It’s not half as creepy as it sounds and Google is providing a handful of options that put the user in full control of their location sharing with the ability to share only for a specific amount of time, auto-shut off, and the ability to kill sharing at any time. The option to share your location also pops up when navigating to a destination, making the question “where are you?” officially obsolete.

The best part about location sharing in Maps is that it works with both your Google contacts, or anyone else by simply sharing a link with them. When they click it, they view your location in the Google Maps app, mobile web, or even their desktop. Not too long ago Google rolled out a separate app for keeping track of loved ones called Trusted Contacts, but was billed as more of a “personal safety app” in the event of an emergency. Maps is much more social, easier to use, and in the place where it makes the most sense.


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