Jan 18th, 2017

We knew Nintendo’s Super Mario Run would be headed to Android after a short window of exclusivity on iOS — we just weren’t sure how short that window was going to be.

After announcing a handful of new mobile titles — which include Fire Emblem Heroes and a new Animal Crossing game — Nintendo of America has also revealed in a tweet that Super Mario Run for Android now has a release date, and will officially be available to download this March (although they still wouldn’t reveal the specific day).

Those looking to get a jump on the game’s release can pre-register right now on the Google Play Store where the Super Mario Run listing is already live. Pre-registering will allow you to receive a notification the moment the game is released, and should you decide to un-pre-register, it’s as simple as clicking the button again on the listing. No harm, no foul.

Nintendo has been reluctant about moving into mobile games, and although Super Mario Run was well-received for the most part, didn’t receive the highest of praise from some of our staff who felt the $10 game may have been too expensive for its own good. This feeling was echoed in a review by our own Joe Fedewa who felt the 10 dollars to unlock the full game was asking a little much. Check out his review video above.

It’s possible we could see Super Mario Run launch on Android at a lower price point, especially if figures showing only 3% of users ever paid to unlock the full game. I probably wouldn’t hold my breath, but as hype for the game inevitable dies down, we’re sure it’ll be the subject of a sale at some point or another.

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