Mar 13th, 2017

As part of Area 120, Google’s initiative for letting employees work on their ideas for apps and startups, a Google employee came up with a great idea for YouTube lovers.

Uptime is an app that lets you watch YouTube videos with your friends. You sign in and join your friends in a session that’ll allow you to see each other’s progress in a video, chat, and more.

As someone who frequently passes videos back and forth between friends, this would be the perfect way for us to enjoy sharing these videos even more than we already are.The idea is great and the execution seems lovely.

Unfortunately, while the idea is great and the execution seems lovely, those of us preferring Android right now are left out. The app is iOS-only for now, but we hope it’ll explode in popularity and the Googler who made it happen will eventually find some time to port it to our beloved platform. Or maybe Google could pick the feature up as standard — that would be the absolute dream.

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