Here’s a preview of 6 Galaxy S8 color options


More and more leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S8 are coming in. The latest gives us our biggest sweeping look at some of the color options that’ll be available for the phone at launch.

From left to right, you can notice Black, White, Blue, Silver, Gold, and Grey. It seems like the standard assortment of colors we’ve come to expect from Samsung, including the Black Pearl and Blue Coral which were introduced in 2017’s models.

We’ve also gotten a close up look of the Gold option on a working model thanks to another leak out of China. It looks… golden. But as you know, the materials are worth the same as all the others.

Anyway, we knew we didn’t have to worry about a lack of color options for the Galaxy S8 family at launch, the only question is whether your market will get the exact color you want. Those details and more starting March 29th.

[via Twitter 1, 2]

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