The “budget” Pixel 2 may be joining the Android One lineup


Despite being more than 6 months away from any official release, we are starting to see more information revealed and leaked regarding the next Pixel smartphones. Rick Osterloh, SVP of Google Hardware, has already confirmed that a Pixel 2 is in the works and it will “stay premium”. However, there are rumblings that another variant of the Pixel is in the works which may raise some eyebrows.

As we’ve stated before, there were some that threw their arms in the air when Google announced the pricing for the Pixel, as it marked the end of Nexus pricing, which was nestled around the mid-range market. However, at $800, the Pixel is definitely not aimed for those looking for a stock experience on a budget.

Previous rumors suggested that Google was working on a “budget Pixel 2”, but that device may not be exactly what we think it is. According to sources speaking to Stephen with 9to5Google, there is a budget variant of the Pixel 2 being developed, but it may be released under the Android One branding.

This means that the device will be released in emerging markets, while not being available in the US at all. This will definitely disappoint many of us who were hoping for a mid-range Pixel device to help us get over the death of the Nexus branding.

There is a lot of time between now and the official launch of the Pixel 2 so things are likely to change dramatically between now and then. Regardless, we’ll keep hoping for a Pixel/Nexus device priced around $400-$500. Let us know what you think about this, and if you’ll spring for the Pixel 2 if a budget option isn’t available.



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