Google is rumored to be working on a budget version of the Pixel 2


Yesterday, we saw a rumor which suggested that the next Pixel smartphones would be waterproof. Today, we’re learning more about Google’s next smartphone efforts, including the fact that there may be a budget option.

According to Stephen Hall from 9to5Google, Google has already started working on the next generation Pixel devices. The first big project that is being worked in is improving the camera. With the company attempting to “master low light photography with the next-generation device.”  Hall was also informed that there are already 2 different variants being worked on with 2 different processors.

The source speaking with Hall also confirmed that Google is working on a budget Pixel device which features a less-impressive spec sheet, and a “much lower price tag”. Currently, the Pixel is the smaller of the lineup, but features essentially the same specs as the Pixel XL, other than the display and battery size. It wouldn’t be surprising if a budget Pixel was released as the company was hit with a bit of backlash due to the huge price hike compared to previous Nexus devices.

In regards to the two different Pixel models being tested, some devices are being tested with “Snapdragon 83X chips, others with Intel chips”. The source also claimed that Google was working with MediaTek on processors for the next Pixel, but that temporary partnership has ended.

As for the budget Pixel, nicknamed “Pixel 2B”, this device would either be released “alongside or shortly after Pixel 2.” The budget device would be priced competitively, likely around the OnePlus 3T or ZTE Axon 7, but will also provide a way for Google to enter more emerging markets.

Considering that the Pixel and Pixel XL were just launched in October of last year, these rumors must be taken with a grain of salt. There are many different aspects of the next Pixel lineup that could change between now and October, when the original lineup was unveiled.



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