Hearthstone’s next expansion, Journey to Un’Goro, arrives early April


Blizzard has announced some big news for Hearthstone. The game’s first major expansion of 2017 has been announced.

Dubbed Journey to Un’Goro, the expansion is themed around a locale in World of Warcraft that features an ancient jungle filled with creatures like elementals, dinosaurs, and the like.

The expansion will bring new cards and mechanics, as well as a new class of creatures known as “Elementals.” We’re also getting legendary spells — also known as “Quests” — for the first time ever.

This is the beginning of a new release model where Blizzard will release 3 big expansions per year instead of 2 big expansions with smaller “adventures” in between. This means that you only obtain the new cards through packs, though there may be free ways to earn packs as part of each launch event.

Those looking forward to Journey to Un’Goro can pre-purchase 50 packs for $50, something that’ll net you a promotional card back. Expect the new goods to arrive in early April.

[via Blizzard]

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