Feb 28th, 2017

We’re seeing a bunch of new phones at MWC, but phone news is happening in other places too. A couple of new rumors out of Korea shed some light on the OnePlus 5. If you’re wondering about the OnePlus 4, you’re not crazy, they did indeed skip 4. It could be because the number 4 is bad luck in China or that they consider the OnePlus 3T to be the fourth model.

The report suggests the OnePlus 5 will take a few cues from the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It could have a dual curved display. The phone could also have a 16MP front camera and 23MP rear shooter, 6GB (or even 8) of RAM, 256GB of storage, and a ceramic body. The processor still up in the air. OnePlus would have to wait for the Snapdragon 835 or go with the 821.

Are you looking forward to the OnePlus 5?

[via PhoneArena]

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