Sony updates old Xperia Ear while offering first details on the new one


Alongside new phones, Sony had a new iteration of the Sony Xperia Ear to show off at Mobile World Congress. The earbuds are being billed as an “Open-Style Concept,” named so because they’re designed to allow sound in while you’re using them.

While most people are typically yearning to keep external sound at a minimum, allowing sound in may be more ideal for the types of people this is aimed at, like runners on the street who need to hear their surroundings, or someone in an office using the Xperia Ear for notifications.

The new model takes on a unique look thanks to its circular earpieces and a pretty roomy battery and components bay (Which we hope adds a significant amount of battery life for how big it seems to be). The device will, of course, offer the newest version of Sony’s virtual assistant, with features like voice-activated queries and head gestures.

Speaking of which, Sony is updating their first gen Xperia Ear with new head gestures. You can now accept or decline calls by shaking your head (up and down for accept, left and right for decline, we assume), as well as skip music tracks (left to go back, right to go forward), and the ability to dismiss notifications.

Beyond that, the update brings the ability to get alerts from any app on your phone and not just the select ones Sony allowed, as well as new volume settings and enhanced email filtering. Grab the update by downloading the latest version of the Sony Agent app at Google Play.

[via Sony]

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