Over 70 new games are coming with controller support for the new Samsung Gear VR


Yesterday in Barcelona, Samsung announced a brand new model of the Samsung Gear VR. Aside from some aesthetic changes, this version of the VR headsets brings a controller for the first time.

Oculus has mentioned that there are already over 70+ games and apps planned to make use of the controller. We aren’t sure what these titles may be just yet, but we’re sure to hear about them once the thing is closer to being made available.

The controller is also confirmed to be compatible with the hundreds of titles which already make use of the Gear VR’s onboard trackpad. This functionality is replicated by a circular trackpad at the head of the controller. This doesn’t necessarily add any new functionality to those titles, but it’s still nice to know that it’s backward compatible. Oculus will be releasing more details about the new headset and its new SDK at GDC 2017 next week.

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