3 Epic Games Worth Playing on NVIDIA SHIELD TV in 2017


Offering powerful hardware and a huge library of hit games, the NVIDIA SHIELD TV is a fantastic choice for gamers who want a great gaming experience without any hassles. Best of all, new games are regularly added to the SHIELD’s impressive collection, opening up new worlds to explore.

The latest batch of games available on SHIELD TV is impressive indeed. As the video below demonstrates, all three titles offer a bounty of memorable moments.

We kick things off with Jonathan Blow’s The Witness. Now available to download on SHIELD via Google Play, this atmospheric adventure will require you to put your thinking cap on as you wander around a beautifully rendered world teeming with puzzles. While each puzzle seems simple on the surface, they require a lot of thought and consideration to solve, especially as you advance through the world. But the payoff for completing a task is incredibly rewarding. The beautiful visuals, original soundtrack, and the meditative vibe also add to the experience.

More adventures await in the second title coming soon to SHIELD TV thanks to Tomb Raider. This fantastic reboot builds on the formula that made the original Lara Croft games so popular, but adds new concepts and mechanics that improve the gameplay in a number of ways. Thanks to the SHIELD’s Tegra-powered hardware, the game looks fantastic, bursting off the screen with detail. You’ll scale dazzling peaks and navigate stunningly rendered terrain during your adventure. A refined combat system, intuitive controls, and an RPG-like upgrade system means Lara is as formidable as ever.

Also coming soon is Shadowgun Legends. This beefy multiplayer shooter lets SHIELD owners enter a virtual battlefield to duke it out with other gamers for glory and honor. You’ll get all the trappings of a quality first-person shooter including gorgeous graphics, intense action, and a ton of customization options to unlock. Boot up Shadowgun Legends and you’ll be teleported to a sci-fi world populated by enemies that are as deadly as they are crafty. You’ll battle alongside a huge community of fellow players as you run and gun to safety.

Watch the video above for a look at this trio of must-play games hitting SHIELD this year.

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