Strava and Runkeeper have been updated with support for Android Wear 2.0


By now, everyone should know that Android Wear 2.0 was released yesterday. The update brought a slew of new changes, including the addition of the Play Store on your smartwatches.

While we wait for our watches to be officially updated, a couple of popular fitness applications have already been updated. Strava and Runkeeper are practically household names for those who workout, and now you will be able to use these apps with Android Wear 2.0.

The update for both applications will allow you to leave your smartphone at home, and still keep track of your workouts. This feature, of course, only works with those smartwatches which include the necessary GPS sensors.

Some of the metrics that can be tracked with these new updates include your time, pace, laps and split times, and heart rate. this will be essential for those looking to leave your smartphone at home, while keeping track of all the necessary information.

Download Strava
Download Runkeeper
[Android Authority]


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