Amazon spreads Alexa Voice Service to UK and Germany


Amazon has announced the spread of AVS — or Alexa Voice Service — to more regions. Specifically, those in the UK and Germany can now take advantage of the platform.

Alexa Voice Service is essentially what all Alexa devices, including Amazon’s Echo products, need in order to deliver the Alexa experience. This will allow third-party developers and device makers in the UK and Germany to not only use the service, but to offer up Alexa Skills that are localized for those particular regions. Those regions’ languages — UK English for the UK, and German for Germany — are also fully supported in 2-way fashion.

With that, Amazon has also teamed up with Logitech to offer a new version of their ZeroTouch smartphone holder in order to deliver an Alexa experience to any car. US customers can snag one here, and those in the UK will want this listing to order one.

[via Amazon]

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