You won’t be able to play Pokemon Go in Milwaukee until a permit is acquired


Pokemon Go was one of the hottest games of 2016, and although the game has died off in popularity, it seems there are still some hurdles that players have to jump through. According to a new ordinance approved by the Milwaukee County Board, “location-based augmented reality games” will need a permit before being able to use county park locations.

This ordinance was proposed after Pokemon Go caused such a frenzy in the parks that the Parks Department could not hold Niantic Inc. accountable. According to the report, Milwaukee could not hold Niantic financially responsible for the damages caused at various parks in the area last Summer.

This may set a precedent for future AR games as it’s likely that we’ll see more departments across the nation require such permits. However, it’s important to note that if you’re going to a local park to play these games, don’t be a mess and clean up after yourself. There’s no need for the tax-payers to be burdened due to issues such as “empty beer cans, trash piles, trampled turf, and overflowing toilets”.

[Journal Sentinel]


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