Google teams with Apple and others to fight against Trump’s immigration ban


The last couple of weeks have been crazy if you’ve been paying attention to the news surrounding Donald Trump’s executive order. The order bars entry to the US for those attempting to enter from 7 select countries. However, since then, there has been a huge uproar, including peaceful protests from those who work at Google.

Now, an “amicus brief” has been filed against President Trump stating that the ban will have a negative impact on various businesses across the country. Google has teamed up with Apple, Microsoft, and 94 other companies in this brief to put a stop to the immigration ban.

Immigrants make many of the Nation’s greatest discoveries, and create some of the country’s most innovative and iconic companies. Immigrants are among our leading entrepreneurs, politicians, artists, and philanthropists. The experience and energy of people who come to our country to seek a better life for themselves and their children—to pursue the “American Dream”—are woven throughout the social, political, and economic fabric of the Nation. 

The Order effects a sudden shift in the rules governing entry into the United States, and is inflicting substantial harm on U.S. companies. It hinders the ability of American companies to attract great talent; increases costs imposed on business; makes it more difficult for American firms to compete in the international market-place; and gives global enterprises a new, significant incentive to build operations—and hire new employees—outside the United States.

It’s unknown exactly when the decision will be made, however it’s expected to be made sooner rather than later. The brief was filed with the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit in San Francisco.

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