Googlers stage a walk-out to protest Trump’s immigration ban


After some of the biggest voices in tech weighed in on President Trump’s controversial immigration ban — including Google CEO Sundar Pichai and co-founder Sergey Brin — it seems Google isn’t done just yet. Google employees staged a walk-out in protest of the executive order which bans immigrants and refugees originating from seven different “countries of concern.”

Although Googlers claim they’re only representing themselves — and not that of their employer — both Pichai and Brin joined employees spanning across eight different Google campuses around the US. It seems the protest was short lived. Reporter Blake Montgomery posted video showing the protest — at least at the San Francisco campus — has concluded after about an hour, with Googlers already heading back into work after taking to the streets in an orderly fashion. No broken windows, no burning cars — it’s the message that counts.

While the walk-out was in full effect, Googlers were coordinating the rally using the hashtag “#GooglersUnite” on social media, some of which claim the immigration ban either hurts them or their fellow coworkers. Politics are a hot topic these days, with emotions running high. Don’t think I really need to explain why, but comments on this post will be closed. Feel free to leave us your thoughts on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

[Twitter | via The Verge | Engadget | Blake Montgomery | Image credit: Vjeran Pavic]

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