Google Maps update brings easier access to real-time commute information


Google is pushing forward a change they’ve been testing inside Google Maps for some time now. The new update brings a bottom-placed nav bar that lets you access certain pieces of data.

The bar features 3 tabs — Places, Driving, and Transit — to deliver up different pieces of info:

  • Places: ATMs, gas stations, restaurants, lodging and the sort. This tab makes it easy to find nearby stops in case you’re in a pinch.
  • Driving: Real-time traffic updates, expected travel time to and from work, and easy access to driving mode.
  • Transit: Schedules for buses and trains, including recommendations on which station and train to catch in order to make it to your destination by a given time.

All of this info has been available through Google Maps in one form or another, but the path to get to any bit of information was not always clear or convenient. This brings it all into one central location so it should never take more than a few clicks to get what you need. It’s rolling out now through Google Play.

Download Google Maps at Google Play

[via Google]

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