PSA: You can now control your phone with Google Home and Tasker


Tasker is an amazing way to automate aspects of your smartphone usage, but where it truly shines is how the plugin community has embraced the app to allow it to perform a multitude of different tasks. Case in point is AutoVoice, which allows you to send commands to your phone by talking to Google Home.

The Tasker integration has been approved for third-party integration in Google Home, which is what makes this possible. Now you’ll be able to talk to your phone and tell it to run your Tasker scripts as if you were talking to any AI assistant.

As with anything related to Tasker it’s somewhat complicated to understand at first, but the folks over at XDA Developers have put together a great guide. Once you follow it, you’ll have a basic Tasker script set up so that you can say ‘find my phone’ to Google Home and your phone will begin playing a very loud beeping noise.

Once this is set up, you’ll be able to use natural language commands to control just about anything on your smartphone that you’d desire, all with just the sound of your voice.

View How To Guide for AutoVoice

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