Motorola has filed for an iris scanner patent, incoming on Moto Z 2017?


Lenovorola has struck gold with the Moto Z 2016 and all of its Moto Mods, so it’s no surprise that the company plans on keeping the same basic design from last year’s phone into the next generation of devices we’ll see this year. This year’s device will also be compatible with all of last year’s Moto Mods, too.

However, there could be an interesting new addition according to some patent information dug up by Tech Droider. A new patent appears to show that Motorola could implement an iris scanner on its second generation of Moto Z devices this year.

The patent seems to showcase a device with a front-facing fingerprint sensor that also has the ability to scan irises. You’ll remember that the much lauded Samsung Galaxy Note 7 included the tech and it’s likely that the same tech will make an appearance on Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8. Will we see this tech in Motorola’s phones this year? Only time will tell.

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