Rumor suggests the next Pixel phone will “definitely” be waterproof


Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL have enjoyed a lot of mainstream success this year, but one of the sticking points for many techies is the lack of waterproofing compared to major competitors’ flagship phones.

Apparently, waterproofing was something Google wanted to do with the first generation of devices, but it was dropped due to an “internal conflict between hardware (namely, camera) and/or waterproofing vs. price point.”

Now Stephen Hall of 9to5 Google has tweeted that he was told in October of last year that the next generation of Google’s Pixel devices will definitely feature waterproofing.

While this is still a rumor until it’s officially confirmed by Google, it’s interesting to see that waterproofing was something Google and HTC had planned but scrapped at the last minute due to placing more emphasis on having an amazing camera. The gamble seems to have paid off, since the Pixel’s camera has been highly praised since the phone debuted.

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