T-Mobile ONE is now available for everyone


Announced at CES 2017, T-Mobile has introduced its new T-Mobile ONE plans for everyone. The biggest “benefit” for T-Mobile subscribers now is that their cellular plans will include taxes and fees. Starting today, the ONE plan is now available for anyone to sign up with.

This means that if a family of 4 signs up for the T-Mobile ONE plan, each line will be priced at $40 (with autopay), for a total of $160. There will be no other taxes or fees on your bill as Big Magenta has rolled this into the plan.

T-Mobile’s ONE plan also will give subscribers up to $10 back for their unused data if they use 2GB or less. This new “KickBack” program may be the best benefit, but at least now you won’t have to worry about taxes or hidden fees hiking your bill up every month.

Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think about T-Mobile ONE and if you’re excited to go “all-in” with T-Mobile.



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