Pink lines showing up on some Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge displays


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge owners all over the internet are reporting problems with their displays. The problem is a single pink line that appears on the display that seems to be in roughly the same location on all devices that are affected.

The problem was first brought to our attention by the folks over at myce.com, but a quick survey of phone lovers across the internet shows that tons of people seem to be having this issue. In fact, there’s a growing thread over on Samsung’s own forums dedicated to just this issue. People on the Samsung Galaxy S7 subreddit are also reporting the issue and a cursory glance at social media like Twitter and Facebook indicates people there are complaining about this pink line issue as well.

There has been no official response from Samsung about the issue, which makes getting it fixed tricky. According to our source, it depends on the technician who repairs the device whether it will be done under warranty or they’ll make the user pay for the problem. With such a widespread case of problems displayed, hopefully Samsung will say something to address this issue soon.

If you’re experiencing this issue and you don’t want to send the phone to Samsung just yet, some people are suggesting steps to try before going that route. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Reset the display using the phone’s service menu. Open the dial pad on your device and enter *#0*#. Then click Red, Green and Blue to reset the individual pixels of each color in the display.
  • Some users report pressing on the top of the screen near the Samsung logo causes the line to disappear for a short amount of time.

If neither of these solutions works for now, your best option for getting the repair under warranty is calling Samsung and explaining your problem while also mentioning the numerous reports that show up all over the internet for this issue. If enough people complain about the issue, Samsung will have to address it officially.

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