T-Mobile goes all in on the ONE plan, will give money back for unused data


T-Mobile and John Legere are at CES this year. They took the opportunity to announce some changes as they go “all in” on their T-Mobile ONE plan. Starting on January 22nd, T-Mobile will only offer the ONE plan. Nothing else. They have a few changes to the plan as well.

The big thing from this event was new “rules” for the industry. T-Mobile won’t have a bunch of hidden taxes and fees on the ONE plan like most carriers do. The advertised price is the price you pay. T-Mobile is also adding a feature called “KickBack,” which will give you money back for the data (under 2GB) that you don’t use.

If you are looking to make the switch to T-Mobile, they are currently offering $150 per line for new customers. You can spend the money however you’d like. Read the full press release for more info.

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