Samsung will reveal the findings of the Galaxy Note 7 debacle on Sunday


The Galaxy Note 7 saga is coming to a close. The last 6 months have not been entirely friendly to Samsung after it was discovered that the device was catching fire for various users, forcing not one, but two recalls.

After the damage control was mostly taken care of, Samsung announced it would be holding an investigation as to what caused the issues within the Note 7. Some of us have been waiting to hear what Samsung has found, and the company has revealed it will hold a press conference on Sunday, January 22nd, in Seoul.

Samsung Electronics, as well as independent expert organizations who conducted their own investigations into various aspects of the Galaxy Note7 incidents, will share their findings. In addition, Samsung will discuss the new measures the company has implemented in response to the incidents.

In addition to holding the press conference, Samsung also stated that everyone who wants to, will be able to watch the event live. In order to do so, you’ll need to go to Samsung’s main website at 8PM EST to hear everything that Samsung has to say.

Despite Samsung making this announcement regarding the press conference today, the findings of the investigation were leaked earlier this week. These results concluded that there were two reasons for the device catching fire. The first being that Samsung tried to put too many components in the device and the battery couldn’t expand. The second reason was due to faulty software which didn’t provide the fail-safe needed to stop the device from overheating.

Although we are expecting Samsung to state that the cause was due to the battery, we are also hoping to hear what Samsung will do to prevent something like this from happening again. We’ll just have to wait until later this year to make sure that this isn’t just lip service, and that Samsung follows through on whatever promises it will make.



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