Results from Galaxy Note 7 battery investigation leaked a week early


A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 investigation finally concluding. Samsung opened an investigation to find out what caused the recall. They originally thought the fault was in the battery, but using different caused the second recall. The results were originally planned to be revealed on the 23rd, but a Korean outlet is already reporting on the findings.

The problems can be boiled down to two things. Samsung didn’t allow enough tolerances in the design to let the battery expand and software that was supposed to protect the phone from thermal runaway didn’t work. Basically, Samsung crammed too much stuff into the phone. The battery couldn’t breathe and the safety software didn’t work. It was a perfect storm for phone failure.

We expect Samsung to spend a lot of time talking about these issues and how they will prevent the same thing from happening in the future. It’s important for the sales of future devices, like the Samsung Galaxy S8, that people can trust Samsung again. Has the Note 7 situation turned you away from Samsung phones?

[via Pocketnow]

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