No Man’s Sky: 6 Reasons to Explore its Huge Universe


No Man’s Sky is now available on NVIDIA SHIELD via NVIDIA’s cloud-based streaming service, GeForce NOW for $59.99. Adventure game enthusiasts should definitely consider pulling on their space-trousers, hopping into their ships, and exploring everything Hello Games’ sprawling universe has to offer. Here are six reasons to go planet-jumping in No Man’s Sky.

A Relaxing Experience

You’d think a galaxy full of billions of planets would be an intimidating, unwelcoming place, but No Man’s Sky offers a surprisingly calm and restful experience. That’s not to suggest No Man’s Sky is lacking strife and excitement. Rather, it carries just enough mystery, danger, and combat that you can comfortably nestle into it after a hard day and not worry about being driven away by intense combat and difficult puzzles.

Challenging Yet Accessible

In the same vein, No Man’s Sky is very easy to sink into. There aren’t any confusing tutorials or long-winded explanations about what you need to do. It’s just you, your spaceship, and your multitool.


Find and Name Species

With billions of planets to explore, you can bet you’re going to come across some unnamed plant and animal species. Your job – should you choose to accept it – is to identify and name these alien life-forms. Chalk it up to human arrogance, but there’s something immensely satisfying about “claiming” a species for yourself and making a mark to indicate you made a difference in a huge universe – even if you chose to name that cute space-pig “Galactic Bacon.”

Skimming Planets’ Surfaces in Your Ship Never Gets Old

The ships you acquire in No Man’s Sky are all very easy to pilot, which makes it great fun to skim across the surface of new planets and observe whatever catches your eye. It sure beats walking, especially since toxic and irradiated planets aren’t the best places to go for Sunday strolls.

A Real Sense of Freedom

Galaxies are built to be pretty seamless in No Man’s Sky. That means you can hop from planet to planet in a system with very little delay. Entering a planet’s atmosphere always offers a sense of excitement and anticipation since you can simply turn tail and zip off if nothing about the planet immediately catches your eye.

There’s Always Something New to See

No Man’s Sky is unspeakably massive, and its procedurally-generated universe is brimming with unique sights and sounds. No two aliens or animals are alike in this game world. It’s as if the galaxy’s evolution decided to adhere to its own bizarre ruleset billions of years ago.

Stream No Man’s Sky on NVIDIA SHIELD via GeForce NOW today ($7.99/month and free to try out for one month). If you purchase the game on GeForce NOW, you will also automatically receive an additional code to download the game on PC at no extra cost.

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